One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Are you alright there, Ted?

Gran and Grandad Ebbs were devout Catholics. They were both pioneers. They never missed mass, even in the end, in the retirement home, when Gran Ebbs was bedbound, they listened to mass on Radio 1. 
They recited the rosary every day. Their annual novena in preparation for the feast of corpus christi was famous in the whole neighbourhood and the envy of the whole diocese. 
They took their religion very seriously. Very seriously indeed. 
Above everything else they could not comprehend that one could mock religion. Laugh at what they held most precious. 
They were sickened each time Father Ted was aired. It hurt them to their very core. 
One's faith should never be a target for mockery. 

May Gran and Grandad Ebb rest in peace. 

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