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By Yana1

1934. Luminar 4 Sky Replacement

I didn't take these photos today but I have done some substantial editing of one of them rendering it almost a completely new image.

At my photo club on Thursday there was a brief video about "sky replacement" using Luminar 4 which I bought because I've used Luminar quite a bit as an editor in the past so upgraded once Luminar 4 became available.  I have never used any of these new features before but thought it worth a try so I have spent an hour or so editing one of the photos I took in Moscow in September last year.

I don't normally like the idea of editing a photo so that it becomes something completely different but I still wanted to try some much more extreme editing too.

I used the sky replacement option which works really well and can give some "other worldy" type effects....I did try out the "galaxy sky" which was spectacular!   I opted for a less dramatic sunset sky and added some vignette effects which allow you to create an "inner light" which I thought worked particularly well on the golden domes.  I then noticed that because this church was a building site, that there was quite a lot of "rubbish" in the background at the bottom part of the building so I've had a go at using the clone stamp in Photoshop to remove some of this.

I've quite enjoyed myself tonight doing here is my offering for today.

It has been quite a mixed day and after a rather challenging period with one of my kids I am feeling somewhat deflated, plus our next two planned holidays have probably been scuppered by Covid-19 as Poland has closed it's borders for two weeks with an option for that to be extended, so our trip to Gdansk and Torun may be off and Jet2 have dramatically cancelled all flights to Spain and the Canaries on the advice of the FCO, so our two week break in Gran Canaria may be off too.  It's not the end of the world but having missed the end of our Lanzarote holiday in January we could have done with a holiday, but then not much point in travelling just now if we're going to become ill.
There are far worse things that could happen and holidays can always be re-arranged.

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