By seizetheday


The day dawned sunny and bright, and MrM was very keen to climb Pen-y-ghent. So, after he'd made a small adjustment to J's fiddle we set off, stopping in Skipton to pick up provisions for lunch.

By the time we got to Malham, rather later than intended, the weather had turned and the wind was very strong (understatement!) and gusty. We decided that discretion is the better part of valour, so we parked near Malham Tarn and sat in the car to eat our sandwiches before setting off for a walk by the tarn. Part of the way round we climbed a little hill to get a view of the next valley - an easy ascent with the wind behind us. But going down was far more strenuous, battling against the gale with horizontal hail, and then rain, battering our faces! Not pleasant, so we returned to the car the way we'd gone.

Back to Huddersfield via the 'scenic route', with views of Pen-y-ghent - I like this one from a distance, with the farmhouse and dry stone walls, and the birds soaring on the wind. S had cooked a splendid meal for our return and, after we'd eaten, I went along to a music session with J and MrM - some great music and friendly musicians at the Sportsman.

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