By Hotmandarins

Cathedral Cove

First thing this morning we drove up to Cathedral Cove.  We parked up in the (massive) car park, paid our $5 each for the minibus and then we had a half hour or so walk through to the cove.  The walk was tiring - lots of up and down on perhaps the hottest day of the holiday so far.  We were glad to get to the end and get onto the beach, but it was definitely worth it - the cove was small, had crashing waves and white sand, and was quite busy.   The first extra shows one end of the beach, there was a large arch in the rock and the waves were crashing on one side of it.

After walking back and driving out we arrived at Hot Water Beach.  After lunch, a look at some local art, and cake we went down onto the beach.  We arrived at high tide - if you are there are low tide, you can dig a pool in the beach and sit in hot water from the geothermal springs.  We just had a quick wander (second extra) and then drove on.

We had an hours drive or so to get to our accomodation so drove though to there.  It was down an unsealed road and turned out to be a quiet lodge adjoined to the owner's house that only takes two couples at once.  We had it to ourselves for the night.  After chilling out in the garden we had a quick walk to the bottom of their grounds where they told us there would be glow worms later.

We then drove into the local town for fish and chips on the beach and took a few pictures (main blip).  On returning to our accomodation we went out to find the glow worms (last extra).  On the way out we noticed the milky way above us, and it would have been rude not to attempt to photograph that too.  I need to spend more time processing the image (third extra) but it was amazing to see.

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