A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

The World Garden Totem Pole

Sadly this is the only surviving totem pole of the 3 placed into the World Garden at Lullingstone Castle about 15 years ago. The harsh winters have taken their toll. Last year this one fell over and broke its nose and the bottom1/3rd was cut away. The much shorter pole was destined for the woodpile until I said I'd try and give it one last season.

The pole comes in two sections (used to be 3) and my thumbnail is what the top section looked like when I took the task on in late February. The main Blip is how it looks now. Last Thursday and Friday I started work on the base section which is fixed to the ground. When I have reunited both sections and finished the finer details of painting I will Blip it all.

I did find a BBC Kent article about the totem poles. Not sure if those outside the UK will be able to see it. I never saw the poles when they were new. This one always looked weathered. Seeing this article reassures me  I haven't gone too bold with the colours. 

Hopefully, it will be ready for the new season on Friday 3rd April 2020.

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