The train arriving at Platform 1...

The trains and tubes this afternoon were actually a little busier than on Thursday, but pretty deserted on my way home later this evening.

I had been to the British Film Institure (BFI Southbank) to watch a screening of the classic film, "Lawrence of Arabia". 

The BFI is keen to continue showing "film on film", ie using prints from original film negatives, shown with classic film projectors (in this case a pair of Philips DP70s - the "Rolls Royce" of film projectors which themselves won an Oscar for outstanding achievement in 1963).  They manage to keep these old electro-mechanical machines operating, although spare parts are increasingly difficult to source.

Lawrence of Arabia was shot in "Super Panavision 70", one of the earlier films to be shot on 65mm or 70mm film stock.  The quality and detail of the projected image still looks great and must have been exceptional at the time of its release in 1962. 

The cinematography, production and story are all superb - no surprise that the film has had numerous awards, including seven Oscars. I can't help thinking that, even if it were released today some 57 years after its original release, it would still be judged to be an excellent production (all three hours 42 minutes of it - plus interval).

Oh, and I changed my ticket for a seat in an emptier part of the auditorium.  Can't be too careful at the moment.

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