Always a sign of the changing of the seasons although it seems early this year. That all sounds as though I know about this stuff but I'm rubbish at what happens at particular times of the year. I know the big stuff, Christmas and my birthday but when people say "Do you remember the terrible winter of such-and-such a year?" I generally nod and say "Hmmm". Visitors might say "That plant over there will look lovely when it flowers, it'll be in May won't it?" and I look at a plant that I've seen flower over more than 10 years but I still haven't the first clue when it does anything. It's strange because in other respects I have a good memory or at least good recall, I do well with trivia and the timeline of things like the history of the Internet or canals. Flowers, not so much.

I think work might be busy next week so I'm going to enjoy a glass of red wine with my steak this evening.

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