Egyptian goose

Tim and I both still feeling about the same today.  Went out for a little walk again this morning - made it as far as the pond on the heath this time, where various birds were hanging out, too (and being fed proper bird seed by a sweet little girl and her mother - nice to see).  This Egyptian goose was strutting about with a good dose of attitude :)

We spent much of the day taking turns on the PS4, and not doing a lot else, other than probably reading and watching too much news about the coronavirus.  It's hard not to.

My brother phoned me this afternoon - Tim answered the phone as I was in the kitchen, so he had quite a chat with him first, and then I had an even longer one.  He and my niece were on their way down to Hastings for the day and he was just phoning to say hi.  Nice to catch up - and he sent lots of photos on WhatsApp later too.  I enjoyed living vicariously through them from my sofa! :)

Watched a film this evening - Spy, with Melissa McCarthy.  Fun :)

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