By feorlean

Sad sign of the times...

Having seen this today in Morrisons in Dunoon (which I am told took as much over the weekend as it did in the entire Christmas week) I can do no better than to echo what my friend and colleague Jason Leitch (who I introduced to blip by the way - you can find him here though he hasn't blipped in quite a while ) said to the Daily Record a couple of days ago :

Scottish Government national clinical director Jason Leitch said: “I understand that it can cause worry when you see shelves looking empty but it is vital that all of us share what is available.

“It’s not just a case of making sure you have soap so you can feel confident that you have really clean hands, you need your friends and colleagues to wash their hands too, so you need to leave them some soap.

“We’re liaising closely with supermarkets, shops and suppliers to help ensure the continued supply of key products to all areas of the country, including rural and island communities. We’ve agreed with councils that restrictions on delivery hours should be relaxed to help supermarkets and shops remain stocked and to allow shoppers to have access to all the goods they need whenever they shop, which people should see taking effect.

“People should shop sensibly and with consideration for everyone needing to access key goods and products, including those who rely on food bank donations and the staff who are key to keeping stores and shops open. If you are required to stay at home, think about who could support you by doing shopping for you – or if you or family or friends could use click and collect. In the same vein, we would encourage people to think about family, friends and neighbours they could support.”

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