Tiny Tuesday - Green

Scouted around the rooftop garden for something interesting and green for the Tiny Tuesday hat tip to St Patricks Day and noticed my Ogre Ear (Crassula Gollum) succulent has grown like crazy and looked good with that pink pot behind! I’m waiting patiently for the Brugmansia flowers to open but no movement there for the moment!

Things at work have gone from 100km per hour to about 5km per hour. All big and small events, hotels, bars and other gatherings have been cancelled and an awful lot of people have lost their jobs and dont know how they will continue, its a terrible situation. Those that did come in today were mostly schools and church’s which was appreciated because I think the bulk of the equipment thats here just wont get picked up until all this is over, could be months! You feel for your customers situations and they feel for us, the whole thing is very upsetting and depressing. Reality is slamming us in the face and its not looking good!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and stars and some much appreciated hearts over the past few days, I’ll keep blipping each day but I’m sorry, I just cant keep up with comments at the moment. Xxxx

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