By JohnW

Sort of an EB

Or perhaps an MB (Muddled Blip) for St Patrick’s Day
I spent most of today decorating, and the sore toe I developed a week or so ago was giving me jip. It’s in a position under my middle toe where try as I might I cannot see the spot because I don’t bend that way anymore.  Even with a mirror my foot is in the way, and it’s too far away to see anyway.
So what to do - photograph it of course!
Now it’s Tiny Tuesday, and the theme is St Patrick’s day.  Well the blister (which is what it turned out to be - surprise surprise) is tiny so why not blip it, but it’s not green (thank heaven) nor Irish.  Brain wave - a good play in PS and I turned the rest of the foot green - bingo.
Having done that I decided that it was too revolting to blip, so I’ve put it on Flickr instead.  If you are at all squeamish DO NOT click here.
So you have got a green pepper (a small one) inside a shamrock.  I hope St Patrick does not mind, and apologies to Jen who is hosting Tiny Tuesday.

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