Keith B

By keibr

Daphne Mezerium - "Tibast" in Swedish

This is one of the earliest flowers to appear, poking out of the snow and waiting for the first pollinators. This one is still more a bud than a flower but a promise of things to come. However, it is the earliest I've ever seen a Daphne, by over a week. I have a similar blip to this from 2016, taken on 25th March.
These shrubby flowers grow just off the edge of our garden, in the no-mans-land between forest and garden. They were ejected from our neighbour's garden, when he dug them up and threw them into the forest. He did that because he had grandchildren toddling in his garden and these plants are very poisonous but apparently they also taste really horrible so there is little danger of actually being poisoned.
Anyway, a couple of them took root and now there are about 20 plants along the edge of our garden.
That white background is the snow-covered lawn.
There is more white in today's backblip, taken on the 6th while skiing in the Dolomites.

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