By Hillyblips

Rising above it.

Great to get an hour with my owls this afternoon. It cleared the head and this act of mindfulness, as I try to do every day, keeps me sane. 

# 1 daughter has been sent home from work for a fortnight as she is coughing but feels ok atm

We've run out of oil for the boiler so huddled round the gas fire these last evenings.

Dad can't come out from rehab till next week now and he's currently confused about it all as I had built it up from what I'd been told. He was so looking forward to getting home tomorrow so getting a lot of calls about that.

I fell on my camera on Friday - ( this isn't a euphemism for anything sinister) and can hardly move with the pain in my lower ribs but anti -inflammatories work wonders. Though just been sent an article which says you get the virus a lot worse if you take them. A problem - anyone heard anything about this?

Wondering where this leaves me now for Mother's Day but a friend said  I should go up because you never know what time I have with them at this stage. He's right of course. A lot will depend on when Dad will exit from rehab. A few days off from making that call.

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