By spannarama

Signs of spring

Still feeling rough today - think I might have strep throat now.  Going to have to just wait it out though; I don't really fancy going to the doctor's, and I don't think they'd really want me there either.  Phoned up to get a repeat prescription today and they told me it would be sent to a nominated chemist, as they don't want anyone coming in, even to collect prescriptions.  Fair enough.

Tim and I got out for a walk again this morning - made it to just inside the park this time.  Bit more progress each day!  Except I had to lie down for most of the rest of the day :(  

Some good news from my sister this evening, who's been worrying about my Mum's care, should she, my Mum or her carers get sick.  The care company have confirmed that they will still come to my Mum even if she has the coronavirus (which hopefully won't happen) - the carers have all the necessary equipment (face masks, aprons, gloves, etc), so would still come regardless.  Phew.  

Mum had run out of paracetamol and couldn't get any more - a lovely woman on the local 'community noticebaord' which my sister runs on Facebook offered her a pack that she had spare.  People can be lovely.

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