Miss Cheeky Charlie

(ECB) :)

Busy day in which we've set me up on a laptop in case I need to work from home ... I'd prefer not to, but needs must!

Tonight I filled up with petrol at the local BP garage and it was lovely, not busy at all which considering its M&S...no panic buying there at all!

Last night having got stressed again I found a few things to help - 

Clip made by our Minister :)

Live Prayer Podcast made by the Baptist Union :)

Afterwards I turned all social medial off and got my adult art colouring book out for 30 minutes.  Then I had a cup of tea, 'Sleep' tea and slept almost all night :)

At lunctime today I found this on the Baptist Union Website too 
-  https://www.baptist.org.uk/Articles/569241/The_gift_of.aspx

Lots to think about and listen to, read :):)

Hoping you all stay well X

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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