Recording a moment

By chrisf


To work this morning. Social distancing has meant that lots of staff are now working from home, so eerily quiet.

Working at home this pm, using “Microsoft Teams” to have a virtual meeting - all12 people in their own homes. Surprisingly - the technology works well. So this is the future .....

The speed with which we are having to change is unnerving. And I am having to make some challenging and difficult decisions. Hope they are the right ones.

At the end of the afternoon a walk around a local park with J, to get some exercise. Grey skies, sombre mood. Not a day for photos, this one hastily taken will have to suffice.

Postscript - I have now tagged this for steveng’s Wide Wednesday challenge. Anything historical about this shot ? Well the park was created on the rubble of a huge armaments factory, massive munitions production in WW2. And Daniel Defoe wrote about the area on his tour of Britain - he thought it utterly bleak. Lowland bogs didn’t get a good press in the 18th century.

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