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It's hard to feel hopeful just now, with so many people affected worldwide by COVID-19, but time in the garden is always a comfort. 

Our garden is just beginning to respond to warmer weather, and although I liked photographing these tight flower buds on one of our shrubs, I couldn't remember what the name of the shrub was. A quick review of my earlier blips revealed the answer -- it's a Korean Spice Viburnum. Here's what it looked like in full bloom in 2014, so different from its current stage.  

The natural world is "doing" spring as usual; I find that immensely comforting.

The Native American people who were first on this land have done a much better job of fighting COVID-19 than the settlers who came here later -- read about that here.

[COVID-19 statistics for Whatcom County today: 7 confirmed cases, 209 negative results, no deaths]

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