Glow Worms

Today we needed to get from the hotel at Tongariro through to Waitomo to see some Glow Worms.  On the way we stopped off at a few viewpoints, including the first extra which featured in the Lord Of The Rings films as Gollum's Pool.

We had originally booked on a three hour photography glow worms tour but this was cancelled earlier in the week due to the Covid-19 virus - the family run business decided to close completely as they often deal with tourists just into the country.  We decided to book a shorter tour today, one that still allowed us to take tripods, but we only had a few minutes to take photos - the main blip is about the best we managed.

The final extra shows our hotel in Waitomo.  I stayed here in 1982 as part of a summer holiday spent exploring the North Island, so it's nice to be back, but nothing rang any bells from the last trip!

We set off home tomorrow evening (flights permitting!) but have tomorrow to fill with interesting stuff first on the way back to Auckland airport.

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