By Barking


In a crazy, topsy turvy world, I think Little Miss' t-shirt gave us good advice.

It was a fairly good day at school. The music teacher decided to host an impromptu Beatles sing-along in the staffroom at 8 am and then I only had one class to teach. After that, I put my head down and got on with some serious work, including a 20 minute conversation with a teary mum and four weeks of lesson planning in preparation for the move to remote-schooling.

Mr B sent me a photo of a duck with her duckling and then filled me in with a heart-warming story of kindness. If you'll bear with me, I'll recount it here, because I think right now a 'feel good' story is what might be needed.

Mr B was walking in the city, on the way to his car; he was off to the wholesale store. He walked past a group of people looking at something on the pavement and saw that it was a Black duck and a tiny little duckling. (see extra).

To cut a long story short, the duckling had fallen from a nearby roof gutter and the mother had flown down to look after it. People were trying to stop it from going onto the busy road. Mr B called Wildlife Victoria, who sent someone out to catch the duck and her duckling. Some ladies from Melbourne City Council came out as well. They managed to catch the duck and her six ducklings (the other five fell from the roof while the people were standing there; Mr B had to scoop one up from the middle of the road - fortunately he was wearing hi-vis, so managed to stop the traffic without any issues!)

Tonight, mum and her ducklings are away from Russell Street, hopefully recovering from their ordeal.

A wonderful tale of busy people in the city stopping and working together to save these beautiful creatures.

Night blippers.


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