By dfb24


...and not real warm, but pretty nonetheless. I DO like the fog, so I headed out to take some pictures. The two ducks that you can see (barely) in the water were a lot closer to shore when I got there, & as I was taking photos of them they came out of the water toward me. Then I think they remembered the "self-isolate" concept and went back in the water. (more like they realized I had no food!). I put a photo of my favorite line of trees in the extras--the trees are a contrast to the main photo, & I liked the car lights off in the distance. After I was done playing, I drove to drop off our tax papers. The place we have them done is offering free curbside service....you just pull up and they come out and get the papers, which is really nice as I didn't even have to leave the car. On the way home I saw an older gentleman who was literally dancing his way down the sidewalk--had some pretty good moves, too--just made me smile! :))

"Being challenged in life is inevitable.
     Being defeated is optional".
           ~Roger Crawford~

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