It'll be awhile...

...until this is fixed. This is the south side of the yacht club, which was also damaged in the storm surge from January,  made even more unfortunate because it was all re-done last fall with a brand new walkway, benches, new steel piers, etc. Now it all sits at a slant with the water from the lake washing over it. We stopped there late morning to get a bit of a walk in, but it was very overcast and cold so we didn't stay long. I had an early start to the day because I realized last night that we are almost out of toothpaste and vitamins. I set the alarm and got up to do a Walmart run at 0500 when it would be relatively empty.....only I didn't know they were no longer open 24 hours a they open at 6. So I went back home and back to bed for 45 minutes, then drove back. There were more people there than I had thought there would be, but it was a quick trip in to grab those two items and back out again. Lots of empty shelves from what I could see, but I didn't stick around to look. I've been feeling tired most of the day because retirement has spoiled me & I'm not used to getting up so early! :)) Stay well!! 

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