Don't Stand. Don't Stand, so close to me

Another crazy day in paradise. 

I had a  bad day. 

Someone was very rude to me, with no good reason. 

it made me 

(a) sad

and then 

(b) angry

I have no control over my emotions, I spend the day, very, very annoyed. 

I couldn't shake it at all.  

Poor Si. 

It's okay - We went to the allotment after work for a committee meeting.  It was a very spread out meeting, and held in the shade, under the trees.  After an hour and forty five minutes, my hands were typing on their own, without my arms.   I was taking the minutes in 6 degrees, on a garden bench. 

Then because it was so late, and we were so cold, we got a ruby murray.   Our local Indian which is usually jumping - there was not a soul in..... they are going to keep going as long as they can as a take out.   Our other favourite eatery across the road, was however still busy. ... weird isn't it?  Some people are paying attention, some are not. 

While Si was waiting on the food - i toddled over to the beach, and sat on the wall and wondered. 

Maybe this is the world correcting itself.   I mean look at this sky.  How can something this beautiful, be sitting over something which is going so wrong. 

So now am calm again . 

Night night. xx

Stay safe

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