Ooooohhhh Ahhhhh Precious Moments....

And so it came to this. 

I packed up my desk, my computer, my screen, my phone, my stapler, four diaries, three notepads, 15 post-its.  27 pens in different colours.  15 cables. 

I left this afternoon, waving, from a safe distance to my boss, and headed for home - where my office is going to be based for the foreseeable future. 

Ops team are still there - someone needs to collect the orders, pack the goods and ship them. 

My team have all been working from home- we have daily chats over any number of networking apps, and everything is getting done, but heavens it has felt weird.

I wasn't feeling particularly well this morning - its been very cold the last couple of nights- and as a mild asthma sufferer; that's when it kicks in.   I've been terrified to cough outside; just  waiting on people shouting "unclean"...

Tooli is coming home tomorrow- her school has closed it's door and sent the kids home - they are going to continue lessons on line - and pastoral care on line - so there will be three of us in the home office elbowing for space. 

It's become a very surreal world ....  with so many things to consider  ... 

Please stay safe everyone.   

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