By dogwithnobrain

From a Distance, there is harmony.....

After a kinda surreal day -  early morning shopping, man fixing window.  Listening to "stay at home"  "restaurants closed"...  We went for a walk along the beach... ensuring that we stayed 6ft away from everyone and anyone. 

Twice as we wandered a wedge of swans flew over.  

I've never seen that many swans flying at once - and definitely not that many, twice. 

It got me thinking.   I don't think that this is a virus.  I think this is the world re-setting.  We all stay in, we all stay away from each other.  And mother nature is powering down, and will press the start button and we'll all come out the other side, more thoughtful, more considerate and more kind. 

Apart from those idiots who have 231,203 toilet rolls, and 25 loaves of sliced bread going mouldy in their bins. 

Bette Says it All

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