Going nowhere, going nowhere

Social Distancing is easy with Tooli. 

She has been distancing her charges for the last few weeks, because they were under threat by ordinary people in the street who believed that because they weren't British Nationals they were pretty much the source of Covid19. 

We have to make a circle with our thumb and index finger and hold it up .  When you can see someone's head in the hole, you are 6 ft away from them. ....  We have been eye-spying people all day. 

We spent a little time at the allotment.  We moved the strawberries and the asparagus from one plot to another.  Dug a bit over. 

There were about 5 other people up there, and we stayed well away from everyone. 

Then it was home.  And I broke the lawnmower. 

In good news : We've all got suntans. 

Bernard is dispairing. 

Bright and Early for your Daily Races

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