creative lenna

By creativelenna

I finished the quilt for my son!

It took me over a year to research and learn how to make a quilt . . . and when I started finally cutting the squares in March of 2019, it took me another whole year to make it!! But it was worth it. Dallas should have received it today :o) It was his request - "Ma, do you think you could make me a quilt out of my old shirts?" and it was a learning experience! I have a few blips about making my first quilt here. And, I made a photo album on the making of Dallas' recycled shirt quilt HERE! - If you would like to see the progress from start to finish. A couple extras -the quilt label I made - are right here.

This is back-blipped and there are a couple more behind it. I still have a few more to add, as I've been missing. I will be back. Please stay safe! 

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