Emerging from the Reeds

Len went to Loughborough to shop sit except the mosque is now closed. So he went shopping instead and managed to find some items we wanted in Home Bargains.

He also found some kibble for Basil whose delicate constitution favours small bite fish flavours.

We both walked Basil this afternoon at Nanpantan Reservoir. The water was much rougher today as the wind has risen. No ducks visible other than this Mandarin duck and its mate. Even the Canada geese had flown. The grebe was sailing by in the distance. Primroses are growing on the dam wall. See extra.

Relieved to learn from George that his work colleague did not have coronavirus. He does, though, have pneumonia. So George has been back to work. Kat still has to self isolate because of her cough.

William said Hello Grandma beautifully on the phone.

I am astonished that Kat's parents continue to go about as if there is nothing wrong. The cinema, the pub. OK, if they want to catch Covid-19 that's up to them but why infect my family?

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