Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

An Lòchran building at Inverness Campus this evening.

The groundworks team have been cutting back the reeds from around this lower lochan, somewhat drastically, as they did at the upper lochan. They're unlikely to take much from this area, as the Mute Swans are nesting near dead centre, in the above photo.

The College buildings closed today due to the Coronavirus restrictions, but its work will go on with Staff working from home.

Did my shopping prior to work, for a change... along with many others. Greatly relieved to be able to buy some basic foods, such as bread and milk. An obvious tenseness amongst the shoppers, and the impression that everyone was squeezing in a few more items than they really required, just to be safe. There were even some loo rolls. Had no need nor space for those... on the bicycle. Think I last bought them back in November or December, whilst using the bus for transport.

On a much more cheery note, heard my first Chiffchaff singing this morning, just a few paces from where yesterday's Blip was taken. It was directly overhead, and lovely to see its bright wee yellow breast feathers in the early morning sunlight. Spring is on the way, and never mind the minus four degrees C overnight temperatures at home.

(Edit: added an extra of a Carrion Crow behind a glass barrier, taken from near enough the same spot as the photo above.)

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