Laptop located, and about to: update the operating system, anti-virus, and software; prepare access and various settings; and test it for working from home from Monday. Perhaps should have waited until then, as I was effectively working in setting it all up in my own time, but we've a sort of virtual meeting early on Monday.

Decided to separate work use to the laptop, and home use to the PC. Will fit an external (i.e. normal, and less cramped) keyboard to the laptop. I don't like those trackpad things, even after altering their settings to stop them being oversensitive, so a mouse will replace that. May also hook up an old Dell monitor that's lurking about somewhere. Failing that, could hook up to one of the other ports of the PC's monitor that's behind the laptop.

Spent a good while tidying and clearing all manner of debris and paperwork that had seemingly taken over too much space around the place.

Tomorrow I need to spend some time outside and away from indoors. Clear the head a bit. Perhaps head off somewhere with a film camera.

(Note one of the first actions on receiving the laptop - tape over that nosey camera!)

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