Still some Snowdrops about, near Balnakyle farm, on the Black Isle... pity I didn't focus better on them, but it was late, and rapidly becoming darker.

Didn't take that long wander with the camera, but did fill up the bike's empty tank with a short run to town.  A nervous and rapid visit to Aldi at about 10:30.  It wasn't mobbed, and the shelves were generally more stacked than normal, for the parts I went to.  Uncooked meat section was noticeably sparse, especially the red meats.  Some veg and diary items was all I was after.  Relieved to pick up spuds and carrots, as there were none at the start of the week.

At home, the bike was given the good cleaning it should have had last weekend, when my weariness meant a quick hose down was all I could manage.  Check it over and find my way around all the nooks and cranies.  So much new to me technology.  Being a sad techie person, I'll be keeping track of boring stuff like fuel consumption, something that was a prime reason for buying this bike. It is really economical, with 80+mpg regularly quoted.  Last weekend's long run, after filling the tank to the brim, and riding very conservatively for the last 230miles, worked out at 99.5 miles per gallon.  I'm amazed.  Think the last time I had anything like that was on a little lightweight 250cc going slowly around the winding single track roads of the North and West Highlands, in the 1980's.  Wouldn't expect that on a tall and fairly heavy 750cc bike travelling faster.

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