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Rock Ogre eats unsuspecting surfer

One of the newest regulations re COVID-19 is that all city parks in Honolulu, including beach parks and bathrooms there, are now closed indefinitely.   Thinking how difficult it will be to cordon off Waikiki Beach  . . .     So, I decided to check out Sandy Beach .  . . .   Well, I went by the backdoor entrance seeing nothing different and found the main entrance with yellow tape across it.   So, no cars inside, but cars parked outside, and of course, people in the water, and on the beach.    Now this gets unclear as the law says people are allowed to traverse a park, even when closed, to access the beach.   However, the sandy area on beaches between the water and the high water mark of the sand is under state jurisdiction, making it problematic for police or lifeguards to enforce.   Lifeguards have been pulled from Oahu beaches as well, the towers are shuttered.    When lifeguards are not on beaches, you must call 911. 
So I drove down the coastal road  and found Halona Blowhole and Lanai Lookout taped off.    The pullout just beyond the Lookout was full.  The Fishermen's Monument beyond the cove next to the Blowhole, had no tape up so was open, but it has only about 3-4 parking spaces in front.   The line of roadside parking spaces overlooking the fishing ledge allow about 7-8 cars to line up.   Noticed a few red-tailed tropicbirds flying, so came back to park there.   Beautiful to see these birds soaring (see extras).  Caught the ogre snarfing down a surfer, who was way out.   Is your screen large enough to spot him?

Restaurants have closed their dining-in spaces, but are allowed to cook take-outs.  The sheer number of people filing for unemployment crashed the online system.   Schools have extended their spring break til at least April 6, tho that date is not firm.   University classes are all online only.  The prohibition of 10 people or more congregating has closed churches, theatres, visitor attractions, some restaurants, the zoo, and some large stores, even stopped funerals. Libraries are now closed.   Skateboard parks are open.

Really feel for our visitors here.  How do they get information about all these new regulations?   And how do they spend their time?  And how many just want to be home and must figure out how to get there?   The Island of Kauai is in lockdown, with a curfew, too.   Protesters greet arriving travelers on the Island of Maui with signs like  " WHY IS YOUR VACATION MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY HEALTH? "  "SHOW ALOHA FOR HAWAII GO HOME"    Pretty harsh.   Not all major islands have the same restrictions, as each county Mayor can make regulations that might be more severe than the Governor has mandated. 

Cooperation is urged.  Can common sense make a comeback?  Will hoarding stop?  Unsettled times  . . .    everyone take care.

A friend of mine in AZ has tested positive for the virus.   Says she's feeling better.

Newspaper headline:  Hawaii cases grow to 26
COVID-19 Cases here = 26

Now to work on yesterday's post.   Waves were spectacular,  hint, hint.

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