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Posted tomorrow's before this one, so some of the background is there.

Didn't know it at the time, but the beaches had been closed.    I'm on my usual morning trip to Sandy Beach and always use the entrance closest to the Halona Blowhole, so was surprised to see cars parked outside and inside and yellow tape across that entrance.    Puzzled, I went further down the coast road to check if other places were shuttered and was able to turn-around at the shooting range which had no tape up (altho it does tomorrow).    Came back to the more easterly entrance further down and found no problem there with lots of cars parked by the comfort station.    Drove the inside road and parked in my usual spot.   Lots of people on the beach, coming and going and quite a few surfers in the water.    One guy with a metal detector was combing the far right side of the beach which sported a new defined curved sand cliff.   It extended about 2/3rds down the beach, so right in front of me, surfers were sliding down the small (about 3-foot) cliff.   The 'kids' were doing back-flips and using their boogieboards as sleds.  There a few spectacular backwashes, see three different ones in extras.
No lifeguards came on duty at 9AM.   Sandy needs its lifeguards with conditions like these.   There were lots of tourists on the beach and playing in the shorebreak, as well as locals. 
One surfer stopped by as he was going back to his car to swap his board for his camera, asking whether I'd gotten him in that backwash wave.   Delighted to say I had (extra 1 him leaving his board).    Asked about pictures for his friend out there, too - who turns out to be the Wednesday guy!, so yes, I can share some of him, too.   Spent a good part of the rest of the day looking at my shots and sent a few on, and going backwards to find more.   He shoots video on his camera, so pointed me to his Instagram site that has some lovely curls and action at the wave level.  Hope to talk to them further, they left soon after I talked to him.   Also talked to a gentleman who had come to help his grown daughter pack up and move back home.

So, gotta find more shots for them  . . .   catch you later!    Sorry this is backwards.

Newspaper headline:   Oahu shutting down
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1-in-4 hotel workers could lose their jobs.

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