Keith B

By keibr

Looking back up the hill

We are on the way down from Owl Mountain (Uvberget).
We woke this morning to find new snow falling, which was something of a surprise after all the sunny days we have had.  However, by the time we'd finished breakfast the cloud was breaking up and we were back to blue skies.
We decided to drive to the golf course where we knew it would be both sunny and deserted, for a walk.  On the way there we spotted Uvberget and I remembered there was a path to the top and and a lovely view, so we switched destinations.
The new snow made the world very beautiful. Walking through a birch forest, with white tree trunks, even whiter snow and the blue sky above had definite Narnia touches. (see extra)
The same snow made the path a little difficult to see as the trees thinned out and the last section we followed what I optimistically called "a natural staircase". Once at the top there was a small open cottage, and  the views were lovely (extras). We were a bit surprised to find we weren't alone. A couple a good bit older than us had a fire going and were grilling slices of sausage. We chatted to them for a while about how lucky we were to live in a place were we could practice social isolation and still be in places like this.
Then we came down, following their footsteps rather than returning down by the "natural staircase".
Later in the day I baked bread. My sourdough starter has been sleeping for about three weeks and was reluctant to wake so I used a mix of starter and a small piece of yeast. One standard loaf, and two focaccio resulted. We ate one of the focaccio directly!

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