By davidc

Silly Saturday: A Tribute to my Mum-in-Law

I’m blipping this for admirer’s Silly Saturday challenge as a tribute to my lovely late Mum-in-Law whose funeral we attended on Tuesday.
How many men, I wonder, would dare to give this to their Mum-in-Law as a present? Not many, I guess – but I did! I brought it back for her as a present from a family holiday we had in France in 2006. After my Father-in-Law died we often took Mum-in-Law with us on holidays but on this occasion she didn’t come - and when I spotted this in a souvenir shop I just had to buy it for her. She loved it and she put it on display on a shelf in her house for many years, for all visitors to see and laugh. I think she was actually quite proud of it.
So there you are – a tribute to her wonderful sense of humour and fun, and of the excellent Mum-in-law/Son-in-law relationship we had. She still had a twinkle in her eye right up to the last few days of her illness.

It's best viewed large - if you dare!
“She” now resides on my computer monitor so that I can think of her with a smile whenever I see it.

(I hope the blip police don't regard this photo as too distasteful!)

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