Focus Stacking

Stayed up late last nigh to try and book a Sainsbury's delivery slot. Got on the site before midnight - at exactly midnight the next days delivery slots appeared and they were all taken - how are people getting them before they even become available????

A morning and early afternoon spent bottling a batch of beer and then setting up the next batch…need to keep up supplies.

News from mother-in-law’s retirement village is that they are going into complete lockdown - no one allowed in or out (apart from carers and staff). The communal areas remain open for residents only - so they can get meals and drinks in the bistro/bar. Heaven knows when the shall be able to see her again. We can try FaceTime but I don’t hold much hope of her being able to operate the iPad! She has completely disabled it a couple of times by entering random code numbers!

Not much in the way of blip opportunities today - so I set up my little camera and had a play at focus stacking. EOS 6D camera connected by wi-fi to iPad and operated the camera from the Canon utility app - nudging the focus manually from the app. Created 44 shots and loaded them to Lightroom, then to Photoshop for processing, then back to Lightroom for finishing off. Sorry about all the dust! The final result looks pretty cool in large on blip!

Thought for the day :

One can only hope that the morons stripping the stores at the moment have stockpiled condoms as well so that they are not breeding more idiots during ‘isolation’.

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