By mollyblobs

Chin up...

There was an icy wind as I walked round Ferry Meadows this afternoon, trying to invigorate myself after a pretty unproductive day. Social distancing hasn't made a huge amount of difference to my lifestyle so far - being self-employed and normally working from home or in the countryside it's been pretty much carry on as normal apart from a lot more hand-washing and trying to keep 2 metres away from anyone else.

But this afternoon the government instructed all pubs, cafes and leisure centres to close - and although I don't go to any of these very often, it made me feel quite sad. I hope some of the smaller businesses can survive - our favourite local pubs are quirky and independent, and don't have the backing of the big chains. At least employees who are no longer needed will be financially supported, which is more than can be said for the many self-employed who have also lost much of their work. I'm not worried for myself - we will survive - but many self-employed already walk a financial tightrope, and trying to claim universal credit is likely to be a nightmare.

Once again, I found solace in the natural world. Great crested grebes are courting and at least one pair of swans was busy nest building. I think this swan might have been hoping for a handout - but it also looks as though it might have been saying 'Chin up!' 

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