By Hillyblips

Hauled Out

Sitting on the bank as I drove past this muscovy was certainly eye catching. Brakes on. Reverse. 

I was down in the Forest of Dean in my normal habitat for the Dipper searching but it really was a no go. I had a lovely walk, families were out cycling, there was a BBQ which smelt delish, all the family were there by the river, labradors were playing frisbee but dippers don't like this. I am not an expert but can say this with confidence. 

I think I need a camera service after the whole shenanigans dropped off the tripod a few weeks ago but the urgency to get this sorted has evaporated with the BA flight cancellation to Costa Rica where I was meeting up with Debs and osuzanna to 'do' Costa Rica. 

Finding it quite spooky out and about now.

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