Silly Saturday ....

....  or shirtless Saturday?!?

Even though it wasn't as warm today as Friday we simply had to get out and get some fresh air.  It is allowed even when there is a shelter-in-place emergency declaration ordered .... which doesn't take effect in Pennsylvania until Monday morning.  You are allowed to go to doctor appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies and out for exercise. 

It's getting redundant but we went to Jacobsburg State Park and then to the Plainfield Rail Trail.   We weren't the only people out today enjoying the fresh air .... both places were very busy.  Social distancing was difficult at times but I think we managed well enough.

Yes .... this young cyclist is shirtless!  Which is silly considering it was only in the upper 40's F. today.  Not to mention the pandemic.  And, yes I know you can't contract this virus from being out in the cold! But it can't help your immune system.  

The only place we stopped was at a garden center to pick up a couple of flowers to brighten our yard.  We are making a grocery list for later this week when it gets absolutely necessary to go shopping.  Toilet paper is not on the list!

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