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All the boys

Couldn't choose just one of these garden birds today, photographed through the freshly cleaned window (hem hem!) so less blurred than of late. Hope you like the postcard!

Glorious sunshine at last so we went for a keeping-our-distance walk. Lots of people out in cars but only a couple of walkers. The sea looked beautiful (see Extra) - though it was churned up with river water in the foreground, and bluer close to the horizon. And the sky was blue, too.

Had a lovely family video-call with both son and daughter - with glimpses of grand-daughter and Master Bug Pugglesworth, too. So pleased to see by her smily responses that little Miss B seems to recognise us.

As you'll see from my main blip, Mr Pheasant has become a resident now. He hops up and down from ground to bank, wherever he thinks he'll pick up the most dropped seeds. So funny: Mr Blackbird was pecking on the ground - decided to hop up to the bank, not knowing it was occupied by Mr Pheasant. He arrived literally in Mr P's face, beak to beak. The pheasant didn't bat an eyelid, but the poor blackbird backed off very hurriedly and sat on the edge of the bird bath looking shocked!

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my yesterblip. There's something very photogenic about knitting. Looking forward to seeing the toy in little Miss B's hands, even if it is via video link.

Take care, blipmates.

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