I haven't purchased any extra supplies in recent weeks but my cupboards are now beginning to look very bare.

I'd decided to write a list and attempt a supermarket shop this afternoon but as it was such a beautiful morning thought that, to support local business, home grown, seasonal trading I'd walk to the farm shop which is 5 minutes from my house and see what they had in stock.

As it turned out, they had no eggs and reported that someone had stolen one of their geese overnight.  Feeling very sad, I brought some purple sprouting and dirty carrots and circled round to the small co-op food convenience store which is a similar distance from home in the opposite direction.

There I picked up a box of 4 eggs and a tub of ice cream.  The latter I may need to devour completely as I ponder the comments I've seen online today fromt people out and about, seemingly oblivious to the instruction to stay at home unless it is essential.

I read a comment on another blip today about the UK sleepwalking into a disaster and hope that it isn't true but fear that it might be.

I'm starting to believe that a lockdown is already needed, worried for those that will presumably then need to enforce it.

I couldn't bare to go to the supermarket in the end and did a stock check.  Wondering now what I can make with tins of pilchards, jackfruit, strawberries in syrup and coconut milk.  Ready, steady, cook?  Answers on a postcard please.

 I made a Christmas cake a few weeks back.  That is at increasing risk. 


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