By Dakers

Gateway To The World.

When it comes to shopping we have used a wide variety of stores as we went about our daily lives.

However, our daily lives have changed.

Today Pat received an email from one of our more frequented supermarkets. We have a loyalty card with them. We have been informed that they have identified Pat and I as people at risk and they will be making a delivery to our door once per week.

We spent this morning deciding what we were likely to need in the way of food etc and we have filled in the order form via the supermarket website.

This is actually very welcome news being people at risk. No, we did not order toilet rolls as we have enough for the next couple of weeks.

We also have friends who can help with groceries, but we do not want to put them at risk.

Mildly surprised at how many people think that social distancing is jumping into their Camper and driving to stay at Ben Nevis trailer park for the "duration".

Apparently so many people now at home and with children are deciding to treat life as going on holiday, so much so that the National Trust has now closed all the gardens as there are two many people visiting to keep at least two metres apart.

BoJo has just announced he will bring in more measures to restrict movement if required.

Today’s Blipfoto shows the Scots Pine that Pat and I planted about 34 years ago. Groom memory it was about 600mm tall.

The thumbnail shows our South gateway to the world. We have plenty to do within our home and garden and we will make the best of it.

I hope that you all enjoyed what has been a splendid spring Sunday.

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