By Veronica

Sol y sombra

Blips getting a bit repetitive. Disappointingly, it was cold and wet this morning. Worst run of bad weather we've had since we've been here. We ran out of firewood and didn't buy any more because we thought we were leaving, so I hope it warms up soon. In any case this afternoon it was warm enough to sit out in the sun for a little while.

I'm blipping this because I don't know what it is. I thought this tree was dead, because I'm so used to seeing leaves and or flowers on trees all the year round here. The leaves and blossom have appeared together in the last few days. It must be some kind of prunus??

Anyway. Here's the thing that cheered me up today: Mallorcan police checking everyone is observing lockdown. You might have seen it already as it seems to have gone viral. Funnily enough, the song they are singing in Catalan is a French one called Jean Petit. You do it at parties when you're a bit drunk.

The thing that didn't cheer me up: seeing photos of people thronging beauty spots, markets and shops in Britain. Get real folks! Just because your PM is an idiot advised by sociopaths, you don't have to be.

Meanwhile in France ... two men were fined 135 euros each for drinking beer together in the street. They were rather unlucky because they were in Laroque de Fa, a tiny village in the high Corbières that probably doesn't see a gendarme from one year to the next. The gendarmes let them off with a warning and told them to go home. But when they passed 20 minutes later the two guys were cracking open two more bottles, so ...

Food diary: pasta e fagioli again. Finished now. I made a plum cobbler, adding a few strawberries that S had accidentally put in the freezer instead of the fridge, making them unfit for raw consumption. It was rather good, and there's still some left. Small nibbles this evening.

Film: Tirer sur le Pianiste, a Truffaut film I'm pretty sure I haven't seen.

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