By CleanSteve

Long-tailed tit eyeing the pussy willow

It was warm enough to take my sweater off when I was standing in the garden in a t-shirt. The varied bird songs was loud and delightful. I saw a buzzard, our pair of nuthatches, the pair of blackcaps, robins, blackbirds, dunnocks, a few blue tits and the four long-tailed tits which I think are now nesting close to the house. 

I haven't worked out exactly where the nest is, but I know they will be well hidden and rather elaborate. They seem to have become used to the suet pellets which we provide near to the house and perhaps that gives them the confidence to nest close by. They are certainly present around the garden at all times, whereas in former years they would only visit in large groups occasionally. I love them and they seem quite happy for me to stand close to them whilst feeding. The pussy willow is very attractive to many of the small birds and at present the warming sunshine is bringing the flowers out to perfection. I think lots of insects gather around on the branches, buds and then the flowers. Now the pollen is attracting many types of hover fly as well as  bees which were out in profusion, including a large bumble bee once again

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