By wellsforzoe


18th March 2020:

These are oranges growing on part of our farm in Lucangazi, about 10 kilometers from Mzuzu City in Malawi.

It is a place for experiment and research where part of our work involves fruit trees.

This is one of our seven varieties of orange.

This year our employees produces over 43,000 improved variety  fruit trees by budding and grafting in our four greenhouses. 
Besides producing fruit we also use the pruned branches for scions and buds to produce  next years  crop of seedlings.

None of our people have any formal horticultural and many don't have much second level education, but they are experts at what they do and achieve, but they teach students from the College of Natural Resources and have regular visits from the staff of the Government Research Station to get a few tips on how to achieve what they do.

The oranges are just about to ripen in the next few weeks

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