What a cracking day, sunny and warm. I hit the golf course as usual this morning but obeyed all the rules (wear gloves, don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you, keep your distance from Dave, absolutely no coughing) so should be fine. I won for a change but that was really because Dave is pretty rubbish when wearing gloves. So, a silver lining.

We went for a long wander this afternoon, skirting the park, where social distancing was a bit hit or miss, and onward to Granton. Tried to identify Pensioner’s back garden from above but don’t think we found it. Excitement over, we meandered back. This camellia seemed to be shouting ‘Take my picture!’ So I did.

Have just been having a rant at the TV. Or rather at the wallies being shown on the news completely ignoring the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and doing everything they can to spread the virus. And as for those pubs still being open .. I’m gobsmacked. Janey sums it all up .. https://twitter.com/JaneyGodley/status/1241792642033295360?s=20

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