By rainie

A Day Like no other....

...today level 3 alert which means school and universities, daycare centres, kindys close immediately,  essential services will stay open like supermarkets, fuel stations, pharmacy’s then in 48 hours we go to Alert 4 which is when our entire country goes into total lockdown for four weeks. 

Maybe now the nutters that aren’t taking this seriously will.  These extreme measures will save lives. Our numbers went up overnight by 36 (the highest yet) and confirmed that there is community transmission.  
We’re well stocked here, I did my supermarket shop early this morning, ok there will be essentials like milk, bread, eggs and the like will need to be replenished at times.  
I took this photo as I drove through the Botanical Gardens on my way home.  A hint of autumn showing. 

Take extreme care everyone.  We are. 


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