Treasures From Yesterday ( LD day 1 )

Let me say a German Lockdown is nothing like Italy & Spain have imposed..I'm  of the opinion too little has been done and rather late in the day here .No control of those who are over purchasing leaving empty shelves.  My view is Germany has failed the efficiency test badly .

Worth a lot in sensible terms .
Since I used to do many long haul flight alone ( those were great days ) a first aid kit was a must take -My problem being on return would put away  (safe place ) So safe, come next adventure , couldn't find . Hence another .etc I came upon them yesterday Have sorted .the dressing and plasters etc . However hers you see the remains of a disinfection spry and wow a box of face masks....Mr Frog wanted to model one so I agreed .Behind disinfection is a box of one time use gloves . These I bought for when cleaning the balcony and birds water bowls .In the current sunny weather an excellent find ....Today will do more sorting and who knows what will turn up . 
First will take a turn around outdoors as the Vitamin D is a must ..Hope you are all keeping well .Later have cooking  planned for freezing in  portions .. 

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