Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

A beautiful day...

Well three weeks on and my eyes feel worse so I decided it was time to see a GP. My normal surgery in Boots in the High Street has closed for the duration so I was offered a mid morning appointment at another surgery. I saw a lovely GP who confirmed I did indeed have conjunctivitis; probably of a nasty bacterial variety. He even gave it a name...Sjögren’s Syndrome. I feel much  more important now I have a syndrome; a bit like Maureen Lipman and her ologies!
The pharmacy was busy so while my prescription was being made up I had a mooch around St Martin. On the way up to the surgery the bus driver said he though the bus service would no longer run from tomorrow. If that’s right then I won’t be out of town much for a long time.
It’s now it’s a couple of hours since I got home and already my eyes feel a lot better even though it’s a bit hazy with the ointment. So £53 well spent on a GP visit!

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