Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

All quiet in town today...

I headed to the post office to post a book to a friend who is interested in the occupation of the Channel Islands. there were very few people about and I didn’t even have to queue in the post office.

I bought a few bits of food from Co-op and M&S. A bit distressed to see I had the last pack of chocolate Weetabix!

Then my last call was to collect my replacement specs from Specsavers which was interesting.
Receptionist asked my name then searched through the ‘ready to collect’ bags and handed one to me. She said they were not automatically checking the fit etc but as normal would adjust anything as necessary. Like a kid at Christmas I couldn’t resist having a look at my new specs even though they were identical to the broken pair. Except they weren’t. They were shiny black not dull cow pat coloured. So I said to the lady ‘these are the wrong specs.’ She looked at the customer sheet she had removed and said ‘no these are correct. Neil ordered them’. (I know Neil, he’s been there ages and is very helpful and efficient but on this occasion he didn’t deal with me but a lady, whose name I forget). So I said ‘no it wasn’t Neil who ordered them.’
Receptionist ‘Yes it was Neil, it says so here’ reading from her sheet of paper.
Me ‘Neil may have ordered these specs but they’re not the specs I ordered from a lady’ 
Receptionist ‘Are you sure it wasn’t Neil who ordered your specs?’
Me :Yes’ and I looked further in the bag and there was a second pair of specs but still not mine
Receptionist ‘ that’s strange Neil doesn’t make mistakes’ Looks a bit unsure then says ‘remind me of your name and address and I’ll see if there’s another pair’
So I gave my name and address again and bingo she found the correct ones.
So all’s we’ll that ends well and I’m sure Neil didn’t make a mistake and nor did the very helpful lady who ordered mine.

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