Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I am out of self-isolation for the moment. After seven days away I had to travel into work. The morning trains into Leeds were running at no more than 10% capacity, it was a little quieter by the time I got to leave for home again, as pictured.

Work was planning to stay open until Wednesday unless told otherwise, but it will be everyone working remotely after that, at least through the Easter period. Although even as I write this that news may be out of date.

I spent most of the day helping to review the revised assessment arrangements for the students. As a specialist arts institution there are no exams, but there are equally complex issues to resolve: what if you've been making a stop-motion animation and you can no longer access the studio where your models and sets are; what if your planned degree show installation is half-built and too big to move; how can you finish garments for your collection if you can't access specialist sewing machines? And about a thousand different variations on these questions.  Although of course the biggest and most vital question is what can we do to minimise suffering.

As it was my first day outside in a while I did wander round the park for a bit at lunchtime. It was very quiet everywhere I went. Yes, there were a few people out and about, but minimal. I spied a couple of 7-spot ladybirds in the ivy hedge (extra), but I'm still awaiting my first butterfly.

Later, walking back to the station, there were a few rabbits grazing (extras) right next to the road, perhaps a sign of how quiet the city has become. Then, waiting at Shipley station for the last leg of my journey home, I hear my first Chiff-chaff of the year.

And I did secure some fruit and veg to keep me going.

Take care everyone.

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